Acid-resistant Tiles and Plates

The acid-resistant brick board produced by our company is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, chemical fiber, textile, smelting, power plant and other industries, as well as the anticorrosive lining of towers, ponds, tanks, and tanks, and is used in sewage In terms of treatment engineering and working places such as open ground, it plays its role in acid and corrosion resistance. Acid-resistant bricks can withstand most media except hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphorus, and concentrated alkali, and have excellent corrosion resistance to wet chlorine brine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other acids and alkalis at any concentration at room temperature effect.

Acid-resistant Tiles and Plates

Main specification

Regular Bricks230*113*65Acid-resistant Boards181*110*20-30
Regular Bricks230*65*65Acid-resistant Boards150*150*15-30
Regular Bricks230*113*55/65Acid-resistant Boards150*75*15-30
Regular Bricks230*113*45/65Acid-resistant Boards150*100*10
Regular Bricks230*113*35/65Acid-resistant Boards80*80*10
Regular Bricks230*113*25/65Acid-resistant Boards50*50*10

Acid-and heat-resistant bricks、boards & pipes

Acid-resistant bricks and plates and acid -&heat-resistant bricks and plates can be widely used in the construction of acid-resistant lining in towers, tanks, reactors, pools, floors, ditches etc. Found in chemical, metallurgial, and pyroelectric industries.

Acid-resistant Tiles and Plates

Major specification:

Specific gravityG/cm³2.21-2.24ASTM
Hole fracton%9.3-10.5ASTM
Water absorption%4.2-4.7ASTM
Thermo-stability950-20°C30 No crackle thirty timeDIN
Compression strengthMpa123DIN
Thermal AbsorptionW/m.k1.175DIN
Expansion coefficient1°C3.2*16 (-6)DIN
Expansion rate%0.31DIN
Acid resistant%99.8DIN