Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering

Our long-term company engaged in anti-corrosion insulation engineering design, construction and technical advisory  services,  able  to  carry  out a variety of anti-corrosion coatings spray, brush, coating projects; Rubber, acid-resistant brick (plate), frp, plastic, lead plate and other base surface of  anti 一 co rrosion lining; various types of Resin mortar anti-corrosion floor; thermal spraying zinc aluminum and its alloys; Underground pipeline network epoxy coal tar, melting epoxy powder, PE anticorrosion, polyethylene tape anticorrosion, all 灼 nds of thermal insulation, cold preservation works. Since its inception that the construction network throughout the country more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions. The industry covers oil, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, food,  medicine and other fields. Anticorrosion  and heat preservation project one-time production qualified rate of 100%, won the user unanimous praise.

Porcelain lining

Because of the thick lining layer, the brick lining has reliable corrosion resistance, which is suitable for the environment with severe corrosion conditions. The brick lining and the mortar can be used for the chemical medium with acid, Alkali, salt or alternating acid and Alkali resistance.

Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering
Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering

Glass fiber reinforced plastic lining

Glass steel of various synthetic resin as binder, with the fiber glass (glass cloth belt, blanket, etc.) for Department of orthopedics (i.e. reinforced  material) is a composite material made of, foreign collectively referred to as the reinforced plastic, also known as the Chinese acade 皿 c for fiber reinforced resin. Glass steel with excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, easy molding and other outstanding advantages, in chemical equipment corrosion area and industrial buildings, obtains the widespread application constructs corrosion engineering

Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering

Rubber lining

Rubber lining has excellent resistance to water,acid, alkali salt and organic solvents etc; outstanding mechanical strength, elasticity , and insulating property etc.It is widely applied to anticorrosion engineering of the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry and other industries.

Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering

Epo xy self-leveling floor

Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Engineering

Performance Characteristics

  1. Anti-dust, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, wear-resistant;
  2. Flat, smooth, beautiful, no joints, strong adhesion;
  3. Safe, sanitary, odourless, non-toxic, easy to clean and maintain;
  4. Weak acid and alkali resistance, insulation, wear resistant, easy maintance;
  5. ANTI-STATIC, self-leveling floor with anti-static performance.

Applicanble Place

1, Hospital, Pharmaceutical Factory GMP workshop, Food Factory;

2, A laboratory, a sterile room;

3, Instrument Control Room, Reference Room, Office;

4, Electromics Factory, Computer Room, Explosives Warehouse;

5, A supermarket, Mall, Etc.

Anticorrosion and thermal insulation project.

Heat insulation, cold insulation project is to make high quality insulation, cold insulation material installed on the equipment, pipe surface, isolated and prevent heat transfer, diffusion, convection causes a confined area temperature or heat is not influenced by the outside world. In order to meet the conditions of production process, and to reduce heat loss, energy saving, efficiency purposes.